New company name for Special Products Ltd

2nd October 2017:

Weybridge, UK: Today, Veriton Pharma Ltd is announced as the new company name for Special Products Ltd.

This name change has occurred both to incorporate the company’s past heritage with its future ambitions to make trusted medicines available for everyday living.

The Chief Commercial Officer commented: “With the launch of Epistatus® 10mg in 1mL Oromucosal Solution Midazolam (as maleate), on the 8th of September 2017, and our extensive range of existing unlicensed medicines, we would like to assure our customers and partners that the excellent service and quality they have come to expect from us as a company will continue and all contacts at the company will remain the same.”

With its legacy of technical expertise, which began in a world-renowned children’s hospital over 20 years ago, Veriton Pharma sources and supplies licensed medicines for CNS and over 75 high-quality, UK batch manufactured unlicensed medicines in the fields of epilepsy, neurology and rare paediatric conditions that licensed products cannot meet.

Headquartered in Weybridge, UK, Veriton Pharma, is a privately owned, speciality pharmaceutical company, which also has regional offices in the Middle East and Australia.

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Epistatus® prescribing information can be found here.


Date of preparation August 2017.


Epistatus® 10 mg oromucosal solution midazolam – now available to prescribe

8th September 2017:

Special Products Ltd is pleased to announce that Epistatus® 10 mg Oromucosal Solution, Midazolam, is now available to prescribe.  The NHS price for a single 10mg in 1mL prefilled syringe is £45.76.

Epistatus® is licensed for use in the treatment of prolonged, acute convulsive seizures in children and adolescents aged 10 to less than 18 years, who have been diagnosed with epilepsy1. Buccal midazolam is recommended by NICE2 for the management of prolonged acute convulsive seizures, and is preferred by most patients and carers compared to the administration of rectal diazepam 3,4.

Epistatus is presented “ready-to-use” in a novel, pre-filled, single-dose syringe, to provide carers with the confidence that they are administering the correct dose1,5. The pre-filled syringe is contained within a specially-designed, secure and tamper-evident protective packaging.

Dr Rohit Shankar FRCPsych, Consultant in Adult Developmental Neuropsychiatry – CFT and Hon. Associate Clinical Professor – Exeter Medical School commented: “The importance of having an alternate licensed preparation for use in the treatment of prolonged, acute convulsive seizures, especially in a different mode of delivery is an asset to both clinicians and patients”.

In response to market research and insights, Special Products Ltd has invested heavily in the development of this new bespoke syringe, which is designed to allow simple administration of the dose into the buccal cavity5.

Community Pharmacists can obtain Epistatus® 10mg/1mL pre-filled syringes exclusively via Alliance Healthcare.

Hospitals can order Epistatus® 10mg/1mL pre-filled syringes directly from Veriton Pharma

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Date of preparation August 2017 

Epistatus® prescribing information can be found here.