Our medicines are batch manufactured in the UK in regulated and licensed facilities by manufacturers with a ‘Specials’ Licence (MS), and/or with a Manufacturing Importation Authorisation (MIA).

Batch-manufactured medicines are subject to in-process controls and, importantly, are subject to chemistry and microbiological testing of the finished product. If the test finds the product is within specification then that batch is released and issued with a certificate of analysis (CofA). This important document is usually considered to demonstrate a higher level of quality than a certificate of conformity (CofC), which is issued with make-to-order unlicensed medicines. Each of our unlicensed medicines is also supported by an extensive technical data file.

Every medicine is backed by validated and extended shelf life and a batch number. The medicines are labelled in accordance with the British Pharmacopoeia monograph on unlicensed medicines (Supplementary Chapter V), or in accordance with current EU Directives and UK Human Medicines Regulations.

We continuously work to develop the quality of our medicines further by, for example, long-term stability studies that can potentially extend shelf life. To drive continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness, we operate a Quality Management System. This encompasses the fundamental and general requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

If you would like to read Veriton Pharma’s Quality Policy, please click here.

Furthermore, product data sheets are supplied on a request basis through our medical information service, and all enquiries are dealt  with in a professional and timely manner.

Veriton Pharma sources and supplies a range of high quality batch manufactured medicines for patients. Many of our products are used in niche disease areas such as for neurological and metabolic diseases. In addition to this, we develop formulations for specialised patient groups, particularly for neonatal and paediatrics. Our products are available in a wide range of presentations, supported by our in-house medical information service and with patient friendly packaging.

The commercial production of each formulation is contracted out to an appropriate manufacturer with a UK Manufacturer’s “Specials” Licence (MS), and/or with a Manufacturing Importation Authorisation (MIA). Each product comes with a proven shelf-life, a batch number and a Certificate of Analysis and is labelled in accordance with the British Pharmacopoeia monograph on unlicensed medicines (Supplementary Chapter V), or in accordance with current EU Directives and UK Human Medicines Regulations. In addition, a product information sheet and administration devices (e.g. an oral syringe) may be provided where appropriate.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the European Commission’s “Notes for guidance on minimizing the risk of transmitting animal spongiform encephalopathy agents via medicinal products” and any subsequent updates.

As part of our care for patients, comprehensive files of published scientific references and Certificates of Analysis are available to hospital consultants, GPs, pharmacists, specialist nurses and other healthcare workers including information on how to administer some of the products.

Our Medical Information Department deals with queries from healthcare professionals. It should be noted that we do not supply our products directly to the public nor do we provide any product information to non-healthcare professionals.

As one of the UK’s major suppliers of special medicinal products, our staff are committed to providing the best possible standards of service and support, from the moment we take an order through to a delivery schedule on which you can depend. Veriton Pharma is committed to ensuring the highest quality for its medicinal products through adherence to relevant regulations and guidance and the use of manufacturing controls and quality management processes.

To help healthcare professionals better understand and use our medicines we provide support in the form of further medical information and training materials.